At the International School of Zanzibar (ISZ), we value a holistic approach to education. We want all our students to achieve their full academic potential, and we aim to create lifelong learners who are prepared to succeed in work and life in the 21st century. We achieve this through providing a nurturing and caring learning environment where creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving all thrive and are interconnected to a strong academic foundation.

We strive to create authentic learning environments, where the creation of new knowledge and solutions directly benefit the local and wider global communities. Our Learning Support program provides additional learning opportunities for all our students including for non-native speakers of English. We also offer after school activities that are designed to develop our students’ passions to explore different areas and interests of their choice.
We provide challenging and world class curricula:

  • International Primary Curriculum (IPC)
  • Cambridge Lower Secondary
  • Cambridge International IGCSEs
  • Cambridge International A-levels

Our class sizes are small and our student body is diverse, which helps us cultivate internationally minded individuals who are globally aware and who represent diverse cultures, religions and lifestyles in a context of mutual respect. We provide an inclusive environment, where younger and older students all join together in school activities that foster an understanding across age, gender and culture. We create a context where everyone knows and feels comfortable with each other, where individuals can be themselves, where they are accepted and respected.

Our faculty is as diverse as our student body and provides international learning experiences whether in the classroom, on stage, on the sports field, in the swimming pool or in the computer and science labs. Our faculty is up-to-date with current best educational practices that differentiate and meet the needs of each individual student. Our teachers are flexible and model innovative practices through adaptable teaching and learning approaches that address the limited resources and other day-to-day challenges which life on Zanzibar often presents. We are a community of learners who support each other and believe in the importance of working together to achieve our common goal of providing the best education that we can for our children.

We invite you to learn more about the ISZ community and are looking forward to welcoming you to our school.

Head of School, International School of Zanzibar

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