Mr. Mark McCarthy “Mr. McCarthy”
Mr. Mark McCarthy “Mr. McCarthy”Head of School
Mrs. Maria Trivella “Ms. Maria”
Mrs. Maria Trivella “Ms. Maria”Secondary Maths and Science Teacher
Christopher Hutchinson “Mr. Hutchinson”
Christopher Hutchinson “Mr. Hutchinson”Secondary
There is nothing I have ever learnt that has not in some way helped me on this amazing journey I call my life. Although growing up in Johannesburg I have found that my interests are outside the city and inspired me to follow Biology along with science into the larger world. My wife who I meet on a field Trip in Northern Mozambique while studying my Bachelor of Science is also a passionate learner and we love to experience new things, people, and places. I have taught Cambridge Physics, Chemistry and Biology at IGCSE, AS and A level, and am an external marker for AS biology. I have taught in the UK on two separate occasions and have experience at small, big, all girls, all boys and soon an island school.

I enjoy learning new languages, the working of machines, major military battles from history, horticulture, applications of science in industry and new ways of using ingredients in new recipes. I enjoying physical training especially swimming and really enjoy snorkelling on the island.

Samuel Levy “Mr. Sam”
Samuel Levy “Mr. Sam”Secondary
I am entering my thirteenth year of teaching: nine years in Washington, DC (from where I hail), one year in Costa Rica, and my third year here in Zanzibar. I have a BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts and a Masters in Teaching Secondary Mathematics from American University. I am fluent in Spanish and am working on my Swahili. I am passionate about too many things to list here, but especially teaching and learning, and consider myself a life-long learner! I currently serve as our school’s Cambridge Coordinator.
Neda Tasic “Ms Neda”
Neda Tasic “Ms Neda”Secondary
Sunail Allani “Mr. Sunail”
Sunail Allani “Mr. Sunail”Primary
Mrs. Lydia Hutchinson “Ms. Lydia”
Mrs. Lydia Hutchinson “Ms. Lydia”Secondary
I was born and grew up in South Africa where I went to school and completed my studies up to a Masters Degree in Ecology. A have a passion for teaching Cambridge Mathematics and am entering my 11th year of teaching. I am married and have two children in Primary School and spending time with my family is a very important aspect for me. We love to garden and spend time outdoors. I enjoy trail running and hockey. I believe we are all life-long students and challenge my students to embrace this by reading non-fiction books, learning about investing money or learning a new language in their spare time.
Mrs. Margreth Kikopa “Ms. Margreth”
Mrs. Margreth Kikopa “Ms. Margreth”Primary
I believe that successful students become successful adults. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Dar es Salaam Open University, and in my 20 years of teaching in primary schools, I have worked for many years in Dar es Salaam Independent School. I joined ISZ last year and have been happily teaching Year 2 students. I have a natural love of teaching and enjoy watching children reach different milestones in their development.
Mrs. Sharon McCarthy “Ms. Sharon”
Mrs. Sharon McCarthy “Ms. Sharon”Primary
Mr. Jeffrey Holbrook “Mr Jeffrey”
Mr. Jeffrey Holbrook “Mr Jeffrey”Specialist Subject
Ms. Diana Kheng “Ms. Diana”
Ms. Diana Kheng “Ms. Diana”Primary
Hello from sunny island Singapore! My name is Diana. I was born and bred in Singapore. Graduating from Arts, I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching, specialising in PE and English. Now more recently, I have spent quite a bit of time in Melbourne where I call my second home and obtained a Masters in Teaching with Early Childhood studies in the University of Melbourne.. I love children and enjoy working with them. There is a proverb that says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” It is my hope that all the students I teach will become empowered individuals who are able to think critically.
Mrs. Danielle Geyser “Ms. Danielle”
Mrs. Danielle Geyser “Ms. Danielle”Primary
This year marks my return to ISZ after a year of maternity absence – and I am thrilled to be back! I teach a combined class of Reception and Year 1. In the past, I was already a member of the Early Years Program, and in 2012 I helped set up the Playgroup. I served as the Playgroup and Nursery class teacher for almost 6 years. I studied Foundation Phase education at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, and recently completed a course on Child Psychology through Brentwood Open Learning.
Mrs. Marian Katunzi “Ms. Marian”
Mrs. Marian Katunzi “Ms. Marian”Primary
I graduated with a certificate for Early Childhood Development, and before coming to ISZ, I worked at Al-Hassan Mwinyi Elite School for one year and at St. Mary’s International school for five years. I started as a teacher assistant in the Early years program, and now I am in my second year as the Playgroup and Nursery teacher. I have a passion for teaching and love seeing smiles on the children faces when they learn something new. I am a wife and a mother of one beautiful daughter who attends ISZ.
Mrs. Saada Said Kahindi “Ms. Saada”
Mrs. Saada Said Kahindi “Ms. Saada”Specialist subjects
Hello, I am the Swahili teacher for beginning and intermediate levels. I have four years of successful experience in teaching Swahili, and my specialty is using different methodologies in teaching Swahili. I have a Master’s in Education in Teaching Kiswahili for the Speakers of Other Languages, and Bachelor degree in Education, both from the State University of Zanzibar. I regularly attend different Swahili forums such as seminars and symposiums. I am also a co- writer of a Swahili Poem book “KILINGE CHA UKOMBOZI” which was published in 2019 by Mwimbe Printers under the State University of Zanzibar.
Laura Dere
Laura DereSpecialist subjects
Originally, I graduated in Law, and I worked for 10 years as an attorney in Belgium. I have a passion for discovering other cultures and languages and traveling made me change my professional field in order to give a new sense to my work through education. So I went back to university to obtain a certificate in teaching French as a foreign language. In 2018, I had the chance to experiment different types of schools, students and methods around the world. Today, I am happy to be part of ISZ and use those various experiences to practice differentiation in order to reach the best potential of each one of our children.
Mrs. Ashura Mohammed “Ms. Ashura”
Mrs. Ashura Mohammed “Ms. Ashura”Specialist subjects
Born in Kilimanjaro raised in Zanzibar, I graduated from Zanzibar’s best teaching University. I hold a Diploma in Education with Foreign Languages and Bachelor of Arts in Education from the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) before joining ISZ as a shadow teacher and assistant. This is my second year as the main Swahili teacher at ISZ. I always strive to have a positive impact and inspire children’s language learning by making new discoveries. I love children and seeing them grow makes my heart fill with joy.
Miss. Sarah Curry “Ms. Sarah”
Miss. Sarah Curry “Ms. Sarah”Primary
Hello, my name is Sarah and I hail from Northumberland, in the UK. I did a four year primary years teaching degree at University College Chester graduating with a Bachelor of Education, specialising in Physical Education and Design and Technology. I began my career teaching in a middle school in Alnwick where I taught Year 5. After a few years, I moved from Primary Years to specialise in teaching Design and Technology and Physical Education. Five years ago, I ventured overseas to work at a boarding school in Kenya where I also taught Design and Technology from Year 3 to Year 11. I was also part of the sports department and coached a range of teams. After visiting Zanzibar on holiday numerous times, I made the decision to move to the island and got the opportunity to join the ISZ community in August 2019. I am currently teaching Year 3 and 4.
Mr. Ben Ellerby “Mr. Ben”
Mr. Ben Ellerby “Mr. Ben”Secondary
Born in Scunthorpe in the North of England, I studied History and Politics at Lancaster University, completed a Masters Degree in International Politics, and recieved my Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Sunderland. I have taught history all over the world, including Kathmandu, Romania and Egypt. Outside of teaching, I am a keen musician, regularly performing in several bands as a semi-professional drummer, amateur saxophonist, and most recently, a handpan player. I also enjoy music production, photography and video editing.
Mr. Douglas Rajah “Mr. Douglas”
Mr. Douglas Rajah “Mr. Douglas”Secondary
When I reflect on my twelve years of teaching IGCSE and AS/A Level English Language and Literature in English in Zimbabwe, nothing captures this experience than the term exhilarating. I’m a holder of a Bachelor’s of Arts with Education. (Honors) degree and I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with young learners and motivating them to a point where they are able to achieve their personal best, in a conducive and safe learning environment.
Besides my academic prowess, I am a World Rugby level 1 coach as well as a Level 1 Cricket coach. I am thrilled to be a part of the ISZ family and I look forward to bringing a new flare to the English Department.
Mrs. Anne Mcara “Ms. Anne”
Mrs. Anne Mcara “Ms. Anne”Specialist Student Support Teacher
Ms. Shiho Maekawa “Ms. Maekawa”
Ms. Shiho Maekawa “Ms. Maekawa”Specialist subjects
It has been 4 years since I moved to Zanzibar from Japan. I studied Early Childhood Education and have worked in an international kindergarten and at a preschool in Japan for 5 years. I was in Ethiopia as a kindergarten teacher volunteer to introduce play-based-learning for two years. Being an early years teacher is the one and only best career for me.

Capturing children’s growth is such an exciting moment for me. I am also a mother of 3 children (6,4,2 years old) and I love to share the joy of parenthood with everyone. Thank you!

Mr. Ali Khamis “Mr. Ali”
Mr. Ali Khamis “Mr. Ali”Specialist Swimming Coach
I am the P.E teacher for Early Years & the Swimming instructor here at ISZ where I have now worked for 10 years. I used to be a member of the Tanzania swimming team back in the day, and I coached the Tanzania national team in 2013 and participated all African game in Botswana and the Youth Olympic Game in Nanjing. I am a certified emergency responder and have a First Aid award by Zanzibar Dive Centre/One Ocean, hold the Fédération Internationale de Natation levels 1, 2 and 3 awarded by Tanzania Swimming Association, and I hold the Basic Para swimming coach awarded by Tanzania Paralympic committee. I am also a musician and play the electronic keyboard and bass guitar.
Mr. Juma Mbaye “Mr. Juma”
Mr. Juma Mbaye “Mr. Juma” Specialist PE Teacher
This is my second year at ISZ, and I am excited about teaching Physical Education and Sports science (P.E.S.S). In addition to P.E , I also offer a screen printing ASA for secondary students. I graduated with a Diploma in Physical Education and Sports science (P.E.S.S) at State University of Zanzibar. I am also honored to have received back to back awards of Most Valuable Player (M.V.P) of basketball in Zanzibar 2016/2017 and 2017/2018. I was even selected as team captain of National team of Zanzibar in 2018. My passion is the physical development of children, and I try to be a good role model.
Miss. Zuriath Murshid Mikidadi “Ms. Zuriath”
Miss. Zuriath Murshid Mikidadi “Ms. Zuriath” Primary