Tuition shall be paid for each student for each year enrolled at the School. Tuition fees vary with year levels as shown below. Tuition is the School’s sole operational income and covers overheads, salaries, benefits for personnel, educational materials, maintenance, etc.

PLAYGROUP 2-3 $2,826 $942
NURSERY 3-4 $4,281 $1,427
RECEPTION 4-5 $4,281 $1,427
YEAR 1 5-6 $7,584 $2,528
YEAR 2 6-7 $10,110 $3,370
YEAR 3 7-8 $10,110 $3,370
YEAR 4 8-9 $10,110 $3,370
YEAR 5 9-10 $10,110 $3,370
YEAR 6 10-11 $10,110 $3,370
YEAR 7 11-12 $12,639 $4,213
YEAR 8 12-13 $12,639 $4,213
YEAR 9 13-14 $12,639 $4,213
YEAR 10 14-15 $14,157 $4,719
YEAR 11 15-16 $14,157 $4,719
YEAR 12 16-17 $15,855 $5,285
YEAR 13 17-18 $15,855 $5,285

Registration Fee – $500
The registration fee is a non-refundable, one off payment for all new enrollments. Payment is due when student application forms are submitted.

Capital Levy Fee – $600 Private/$1,500 Corporate
The private capital levy (non-refundable and non-transferable) is an annual contribution to cover the School’s capital expenditures. These funds are used for
maintaining the School’s facilities. The capital levy fee is in addition to the tuition fee stated above and is paid in full.

Tuition Adjustments
There is an annual tuition increase across all age groups of at least 2%. 

Late Admission & Early Withdrawal
Students enrolling later during the academic year, or students withdrawing mid-year, will be charged tuition on a pro-rated basis as follows:
Up to 2 weeks of attendance = 20% of the term fees.
Up to 6 weeks of attendance = 50% of term fees.
More than 6 weeks = 100% of the term fees.
For early withdrawals, the school requires 4 weeks of written notice of the intention to leave. Only terms that had been paid in full will be refunded and prorated on the terms listed above.

Family Discounts
Discounts are available for families and/or financial sponsors with more than two children enrolled at the School. These discounts apply to the youngest child(ren) first:
• 10% discount on tuition for the third child;
• 15% discount on tuition for the fourth child;
• 25% discount on tuition for the fifth child and more.
Advanced Payment Discount:
Full payment of annual tuition prior to the last day of June of the previous school year will result in a discount of 5%. Advanced Payment Discount is applied to all age groups.

Referral Rebate
A tuition rebate is granted to any referring family who brings in a new family to register a student. The rebate consists of 10% of the new child’s annual tuition and will be applied to the referring family’s tuition bill.
Who may claim this rebate? It only applies to NEW families. (Returning students are excluded. Additional students of a sponsoring family are excluded. Corporate sponsors are excluded.) When is the rebate applied? The rebate is applied to the following term after enrollment of the new student.

Payment Policy
Tuition and fees must be paid prior to the beginning of the academic year or prior to each term. The school does not accept cash. We ask that you pay by cheque to our accountant in the School office or by depositing money directly into the School bank account and sending us confirmation of payment.

Payment due dates
1st Term 9th August 2024

2nd Term  14th November 2024

3rd Term  13th March 2025