Cambridge International AS & A Levels

In Years 12 and 13 students follow AS & A level courses. A levels are made up of two parts: Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and A2. Normally, a student will sit AS in Year 12 and A2 in Year 13. Together, the AS and A2 grades will make up the complete final A level marks.

Most students will sit three to four full A levels. Students also have the option of taking an AS course and not sit the A2 course. This is a good idea for those students who want to learn about certain subjects but do not think they will study them at university. ISZ teams with Wolsey Hall, a renowned provider of online classes based in the UK. Through Wolsey Hall, ISZ students can enroll in any A level course currently not offered on campus at ISZ.

Our Assessment Philosophy & Mock Examinations

Each student is continually assessed to track progress. A percentage of the overall mark in some of the courses is made up from coursework, and as such the students are being tested and assessed all the way through IGCSE and A/AS level courses. At ISZ we do not teach to the test, but our students enjoy thorough guidance from their teachers to ensure that they may sit the exams with confidence and competence.

Part of the ISZ high school experience is to sit mock IGCSE and A/AS level exams, which are based on previous exam papers. These mock exams are typically given in April prior to the real exams in May/June in order to assess progress and report expected performance. At ISZ we want to make sure that students are achieving their full potential.


In high school, homework is given to enable students to practice skills and consolidate knowledge. In Years 10 and 11 students are expected to complete 1 to 2 hours of homework a day. In Years 12 and 13 the work outside of the classroom can take longer. We expect the children to complete their homework independently and thoroughly. Of course teachers stand by to be of assistance.


Whether you are a private candidate or an ISZ student, all must complete this form to sign up for IGCSE exams or complete this form to order A Level exams. Afterwards, please pay the necessary balance to the front office. Exams are free to ISZ students that are enrolled in their specified Cambridge courses.

Final entries: 16th August
Final entries for June retakes: 21st September
Late entries (1st level): 21st September
Exam dates (vary by subject): Early October to Mid-November
Results released: Mid-January
Certificates mailed to ISZ: Late March