Nurture Empower Lead


We believe that every student at ISZ should be nurtured and equipped with academic, personal and social skills as tools for various life experiences.

We Believe Effective Life-Long Learners Are:

  • Inquirers who direct their own learning with focus and curiosity;
  • Explorers who learn and grow through experiences and relationships;
  • Collaborators who work with others for a common purpose;
  • Innovators who use creativity and imagination to address big questions;
  • Scholars who pursue individual interests with enthusiasm and determination;
  • Risk-takers who navigate challenges with confidence and courage;
  • Healthy individuals who address personal physical, emotional and social well-being.
We Believe an Internationally Minded Person:
  • Has a good sense of identity;
  • Is open-minded and adaptable;
  • Is respectful of other cultures and beliefs;
  • Is aware of and celebrates similarity and diversity;
  • Is a good communicator;
  • Has respect for the ideas and opinions of others;
  • Takes an interest in global issues.
We Believe Responsible Global Citizens Are:
  • Role models who act ethically and demonstrate personal integrity;
  • Optimists who focus on the positive in thought and action;
  • Reflectors who consider the world, their ideas and experiences;
  • Diplomats who build respectful relationships with people different from oneself;
  • Volunteers who make positive contributions to individuals and communities;
  • Ambassadors who model ethical global citizenship;
  • Stewards who sustain the ecological systems and resources that support life.