Student Council is open to all students who are in Year 7 or older. Students are elected to offices by the secondary student body. Individual class representatives are elected within their respective classes. The objectives of the Student Council are to:

  1. Represent the voice of the students regarding school matters.
  2. Develop unity and school spirit amongst the students.
  3. Maintain communications and establish strong relations between the students and the administration.
  4. Set and prioritise goals specific for the student body needs of the year.
  5. Provide feedback on and suggest amendments to school policies in order to create a better atmosphere for students.
  6. Develop and update the constitution in order to ensure that the council can respond to the needs of the students as deemed necessary.


In alignment with Girl Up and the United Nations Foundation’s mission (stated below), the Girl Up club at The International School of Zanzibar aims to empower others to get involved, teach their communities that girls matter and make sure that girls in developing countries are educated, healthy, safe, counted and positioned to be the next generation of leaders.

Girl Up ignites the empowerment of girls, by girls around the world. In partnership with the United Nations, we stand up for girls, speak up for programs that help them thrive, and rise up as a community of advocates out to change the world, for good.