Student Support Services’ main goal is to offer excellent balanced learning for all students using an inclusive approach. Student Support Services works with students, teachers and families in order to understand the learning needs of the individual student who experiences challenges in their daily learning.

As an international school we are a unique educational environment. We serve an often transient student population that naturally presents a variety of skills, levels and language abilities. Therefore, we strive to remain flexible with services that accommodate the specific needs of students and their families. The School aims to successfully educate all children in the same classroom. We believe that diversity enriches the learning experience for students and for the whole school community.

The Student Support Team

The Student Support Team consists of the Student Services Coordinator, the Section Principals and select teachers. The Team meets regularly to document and discuss student progress. The Team develops intervention plans and regularly follows up on those plans to modify/adjust them where appropriate or necessary.

Inclusive Services Delivery Models

ISZ supports students with additional learning needs. We believe that it is the school’s responsibility to teach the students to learn how to learn and other important life skills.

In order to do that we organize our learning support system in different levels that work as follows:

Level 1 (Monitor):

Monitor student performance and strive to support all students in the classroom through effective differentiation practices.

Level 2: (Accommodate)

Some students will need special accommodations (instructional, environmental and assessment accommodation) to either access the school curriculum or extend their learning beyond the curriculum for their grade level. These accommodations are recorded and tracked in the Student Success Plan which is regularly revisited and updated. Most support is provided in class.

Level 3: (Modify)

Support is for students who require significant accommodations and/or modifications to the content of the curriculum. These students may also require direct teaching and social-skills development and the support of an extra teacher either in or out of the classroom.

Student Support Services Admissions

We make decisions on a case-by-case basis. Students in all stages of English language learning and students who might have gaps in their education will be assessed to determine the best support. This process will be important to gather information from all the individuals involved with the student. We regularly consider if the program can provide each student who applies with the opportunity to succeed. Admission to and continued placement within the school setting is based on this consideration.