The Board of Trustees is the legal and authorizing body of ISZ. The Board consists of a minimum of five parents elected by members to govern the School.

Our primary objective is to ensure all children receive the best possible education regardless of race, gender, religion or nationality, and to foster international understanding, respect and interaction. To protect and to ensure the continued existence and success of the School.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for recruiting a Head of School who is delegated the academic management and executive administration of the School. The Board of Trustees does not intervene in day-to-day operations of the School, except in instances at which, at the Board’s sole discretion it deems that policy issues are at stake. The Board sets goals for the Head of School and monitors and evaluates progress.

The Board of Trustees meets regularly. The meetings are open to the general community.

You can contact the Board of Trustees at

Who is the current Board of Trustees?

Current Board of Trustees:

Board of Trustee Position
SLIM ABDALLAH Vice Chairperson

The Chairperson presides at all meetings except those at committee level. He/She can call ordinary or special general meetings and open Board meetings. Prepares the agenda, after consulting with the rest of the Board and the Head of School. He/She liaises with the Head of School between meetings. Ensures the Board of Trustees meetings are effectively and efficiently run and minuted. And follows up on action points from the meetings.

The Vice Chair assumes the duties of the chairperson as well as those of the Treasurer in their absence.
The Treasurer works and supports the School Bursar to ensure correct management of school finances. Presents financial reports to the open Board meetings and to the BGM.
Secretary manages all correspondence of the Board of Trustees and arranges for records to be kept for all meetings except for committee level.
The remaining members of the Board have equal voting rights and decision making power as the rest of the Board.
You can contact the Board of Trustees at

How is the Board of Trustees structured?

The Board of Trustees elects from their own members.

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

The term of the mandate for the Board of Trustees is 2 years from the time of election. Trustees may be eligible for re-election by secret ballot, at BGM for further terms.

To operate efficiently and productively, the Board of Trustees has created a number of committees to carry out the day-to-day operations under the Board of Trustees responsibilities:

  • Finance & Facilities
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing

You can contact the Board of Trustees at

What are the roles of the Board and how does it operate?
The Board of Trustees is an incorporated body and acts as one. Individual Board of Trustees have no authority to make decisions. Decisions of the Board of Trustees are only made and voted for in a Board meeting.

The Board of Trustees selects the Headteacher and determines his/her roles in a precise written job description, and evaluates his/her performance within agreed time frame.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for:

  • The School’s financial condition and its physical resources.
  • Ratifying School policy and a School development/strategic plan.
  • Recruiting and selecting the Headteacher, and agreeing on his/her terms of remuneration.
  • Holding the Headteacher accountable for effective implementation of School policies within agreed timelines.
  • Reviewing and evaluating progress the School is making towards the goals and objectives stated in the Constitution.
  • Approving the annual working budget as prepared by the bursar and Headteacher in liaison with the Board of Trustees’ Treasurer, including terms and conditions for staffs, fee structure and any changes to all these mentioned.
  • Budget amendments will be approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • Providing two Board of Trustees members to sit on the recruitment committee for the recruitment of all full-time teaching staff.
  • Disciplinary procedures and policy as stated in the School Disciplinary Policy.
  • Authorising any legal action to be taken in the name of ISZ.
  • Maintaining confidentiality.

You can contact the Board of Trustees at

How can members communicate to the Board?

The Board of Trustees strives to maximise two way communication between itself and the School community.

  • We invite members to request to add an item on agenda for the open Board meetings. Open Board meetings dates are indicated on the School calendar. Minutes for open Board meetings are available in the School office.
  • We encourage members to join Board committees.
  • At the Annual General Meetings, the Board of Trustees reviews activities of the School, and presents its plans for the next year(s). All members of the community are encouraged to attend these meetings.
  • The Board of Trustees can be contacted at
  • For formal grievances, write to the Chairperson at
  • For operational and day-to-day issues, members are encouraged to follow the standard channels of communication, in the order below:
  1. Class teacher
  2. Head of Primary or Secondary
  3. Head of School

We wish to note that the Board of Trustees cannot act as individuals. Therefore, all private communication concerning the School with any member of the Board will be presented to the attention of all Board of Trustees.

You can contact the Board of Trustees at

How can members join the Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees’ elections are held every year at the AGM, provided there are vacancies to be filled. The Board will communicate how many vacancies are available closer to the time of AGM, normally held in March.

The Board positions can be demanding and call for individuals who have time, dedication and drive to volunteer and to influence growth to the School.

The Board wishes to note that elected Board members are expected to:

  • Be present at all open Board meetings and to come well prepared and participate fully in discussions. Open Board meetings take place once every 6 weeks.
  • Serve on at least two Board Committees.
  • Be familiar with the School constitution and its bye-laws.
  • Be familiar with Board policies, uphold them and be to able to explain them to the School community.
  • Be confidential with all matters of the Board which are deemed confidential.
  • Declare any pecuniary or conflict of interest.
  • Adhere to the Code of Conduct for the Board of Trustees.

You can contact the Board of Trustees at